Kiyomi King


Years ago I found that my inner world is much bigger than the outer world and my hidden journey began. I have developed a very lucid imagination and led by an unseen force, my inner world exudes into the other side with the help of watercolor and other mediums.

I find inspiration hidden deep in my heart where I come in contact with my inner world which is filled with raw materials and adventures. From this world I receive ideas and extraordinary images which cover many genres from botanical to comic.

My technique is classic; I begin with a detailed cartoon and then I patiently layer on color. During this process my themes of eternity, liberation and heartbeat of Gaia (the earth) are woven in.

My art process is not complete until it has an audience. I would like the viewer to participate or connect with my art and notice how it can recharge their imagination.


  • painting
  • drawing
  • oil
  • watercolor
  • gouche
  • acrylic
  • color pencil
  • decoupage
  • collage
  • crafts


  • piano
  • embroidery
  • bilingual